HAUL: Soap & Glory

Soap & Glory have been on my radar for a long time and I’ve been a fan of their hair products for a while now. They seem to have been receiving a bit more attention lately from bloggers and Youtubers impressed with their make up line so I thought I’d pick up a few new products to try along with a couple of old favourites.


Soap & Glory Glad Hair Day Shampoo I first picked up a small bottle of this a couple of years ago to go in my hand luggage and swiftly fell in love with the fruity fragrance and the way my hair felt after washing. It feels like the shampoo gets a good clean but doesn’t strip the hair at all – just what you want. (£5.50 at Boots)

Soap & Glory Glad Hair Day Conditioner I wish I could say at the same time ahead of that flight I picked up the matching conditioner…but I didn’t – I got the deep conditioner instead, so it was a little while until I got to try the regular conditioner but it was worth the wait. It has the same fruity fragrance as the shampoo and leaves the hair super shiny but doesn’t weigh it down. (£5.50 at Boots)

Soap & Glory The Breakfast Scrub Essie Button raved about this product, and oh my she wasn’t wrong. This smells absolutely amazing. It is made of oats, shea butter and sugar but basically smells exactly like maple syrup, it is so, so good. The thing I love most about this scrub is that it is sticky and so doesn’t fall straight off the skin in the shower – instead it exfoliates really well and leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth. I’m normally a little disappointed by scrubs, but I’m over the moon with this one. (£5.50 at Boots)


Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Super Volume Mascara in Super Jet Black I’m both picky and fickle when it comes to mascaras. I have about zero brand loyalty and couldn’t tell you my favourite one, however I always opt for volumizing (and, where possible, lengthening too) formulas. This has a good chunky brush and applies nicely in one coat, although benefits from a second as that is where the oomph lies. My first impressions are good, but I’ll see how it goes. (£10 at Boots)


Soap & Glory Glow All Out Luminizing Face Powder I’m a bit torn with this product. The tester in the shop was absolutely amazing with a lot of colour pay off, but it was a little disappointing when I swatched it for my blog. I must admit I haven’t had the chance yet to really have a play with it but I’m looking forward to seeing how it applies across the cheekbones…hopefully it’ll be a winner once it is broken in. The packaging of this product has come under some criticism as it is papery card, but I actually quite like it because it reminds me of old fashioned soap wrappers. (£11 at Boots)

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in Raplumzel Towards the end of last year, Fleur de Force mentioned these in a post and I feel like I’ve been hearing reference to them a lot lately. I’ve been on a bit of a balm stain kick for the past few months because they are just so easy to use and so I thought I’d see how this gloss stick worked seeing as it is the same product delivery. Firstly, as seems to be the case with almost all Soap & Glory products, it smells lovely – a light vanilla scent. Essentially it is a nice berry coloured gloss balm fusion, and I can’t fault it. I might even pick up some other colours. (£8 at Boots)

Both the cosmetics and bathing lines are 3 for 2 at Boots right now so if you’re a fan like me then now is the time to stock up.


Foodie Friday: Lemon Curd

My mother and I were in one of our local delis when I spotted a jar of passion fruit curd. The company had won a couple of awards for the recipe and so my curious first instinct was to buy it and see how it tasted. However, it was the best part of £4 for a tiny little jar and so one quick discussion later I had decided to give it a miss. Not only had I decided to give it a miss, but I had decided to go (what I thought to be) one better with a home made classic – making lemon curd.


The brilliant thing about lemon curd is that it is so simple to make, and yet so delicious to eat. Delia has a great recipe which I followed to the letter: whisk together four eggs and chuck them into a saucepan along with zest and juice of four lemons, 350g of sugar, 225g of unsalted butter, and a dessertspoon of cornflour; set over a moderate heat and keep whisking until it all melts together and thickens; pour into jars and seal.


It smelled so good my cat even wanted in on the action.