Foodie Friday: Lemon Curd

My mother and I were in one of our local delis when I spotted a jar of passion fruit curd. The company had won a couple of awards for the recipe and so my curious first instinct was to buy it and see how it tasted. However, it was the best part of £4 for a tiny little jar and so one quick discussion later I had decided to give it a miss. Not only had I decided to give it a miss, but I had decided to go (what I thought to be) one better with a home made classic – making lemon curd.


The brilliant thing about lemon curd is that it is so simple to make, and yet so delicious to eat. Delia has a great recipe which I followed to the letter: whisk together four eggs and chuck them into a saucepan along with zest and juice of four lemons, 350g of sugar, 225g of unsalted butter, and a dessertspoon of cornflour; set over a moderate heat and keep whisking until it all melts together and thickens; pour into jars and seal.


It smelled so good my cat even wanted in on the action.



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